EVML has sourced plant & machinery based on latest technology 60 ton per day to produce highest quality of recycled polyester staple fiber (rPSF) . The production facilities are located at Sundar Industrial Estate Lahore.

The Plant has production capacity of 60 tons per day. Overall infrastructure has been designed for two lines of fiber production. The production facilities have been carefully designed to maximize the utilization of post consumer PET bottles into recycled polyester staple fiber.

The plant has adequate space and facilities for raw material storage, processing and conversion into value added recycled products through minimum damage to the environment and work force.

Post consumed PET bottles are procured locally & internationally from waste management companies / scraps dealers in the form of bales / flakes.
At EVML production bales are opened, labeled, caps removed and crushed into 15 mm flakes.
The flakes are washed at 95C temperature by washing agents.
The flakes are dried at 150C temperature in the vacuum drier, then melted at 260C temperature. After filtration of molten PET, it is converted into filaments by passing through spinnert, then only winding machine all filaments has been converted into the form of one cable tow which is filled in the cans of 800 kg each.
The cable tow filled cans has been stacked at a draw line and passing through creel about 50 cable tow has been stretched, annealed, crimped, dry, cut and then packed into bales of 250 Kg each.